More Than Therapy

Virtual mental health and substance
abuse treatment with a twist!

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More Than Therapy

Virtual mental health and substance abuse treatment with a twist!

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Who We Are

The Mindful Lemon is a full-service, virtual mental health and substance abuse provider specializing in mindfulness, the mind-body connection, health and wellness.


What We Do

Individual, Family and Couples therapy for children, teens, adults, older adults from the comfort of your home, utilizing your insurance benefit.


How We Do It

Linkage to a fully licensed/credentialed provider based on your unique specifications, with everything you need via our desktop or mobile app.


So Much More Than Mental Health Treatment

Welcome to Mindful Lemon

How It Works

We don’t just focus on mental health as a standalone entity, but rather how your physical health, exercise, diet, daily habits, and spiritual practices are intertwined to create your unique perception of the world.

The Mindful Lemon has made a significant investment in a highly reliable, HIPPA compliant telehealth and patient management portal to make the process as easy and stress free as possible for both clients and providers!

24/7 technical support – the portal is accessible from your desktop or on your mobile or tablet with our free downloadable app.

Scheduling, new client forms, instant messaging with your provider, health records, payment collections, everything is fully accessible via the app or desktop platform.

Meet Our Providers
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Most major insurance plans

Access to quality, licensed professionals does not have to be expensive! Most therapy, mental health services and substance abuse treatment are already covered by your existing insurance plan. One of the things that differentiates The Mindful Lemon is the significant effort we make to contract with a variety of insurance companies to ensure you can utilize the benefit you are already paying for. We are fully credentialed with the commercial and government sponsored plans we accept, unlike our competitors who may only offer a “discount” if you have insurance. Give us a call today or click below to see how we can help you maximize your benefit!



“The Mindful Lemon has allowed me to continue working for my full-time, non-profit while simultaneously building a budding side practice! I couldn’t have done it without them! They take care of everything.”

—Amy M., LCSW

“I was really pleased with the care I was provided through The Mindful Lemon. They made navigating the insurance process easy and painless. I was matched to a therapist right away and have been making progress ever since!”

—Jennifer C.

“It was really easy for me to find a therapist online. I was hesitant at first, but it’s changing my life. I don’t think I would have ever gone to therapy in person.”

—Miguel V.

Let us help you reach your FULL POTENTIAL!

Our mission is to provide quality online mental health and substance abuse services while breaking down the barriers of traditional, office based therapy.

Here at The Mindful Lemon, we believe in treating the whole person – we focus on the mind-body connection, positive psychology, law of attraction and mindfulness in conjunction with a multitude of evidenced based practice and therapeutic modalities to help you to achieve your greatest potential.

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We believe firmly in focusing on your strengths and assets to help you become the best version of you! Traditional mental health and substance abuse treatment tends to focus on what makes you sick, what you are lacking but at The Mindful Lemon, our clinicians let you sit in the driver’s seat, helping you to unlock the You that’s been hiding beneath life’s many stressors, trauma, financial insecurity, relationship problems and so on.

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Making the decision to seek help from a professional can be daunting and traditionally you would be limited to just a handful of providers in close proximity to your home or work; but with the ability to seek care from the comfort of your home through secure, HIPPA compliant telehealth sessions, a whole new set of therapists and helping professionals become available to you, really giving you the best chance for success and a positive experience.

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