Daishea Poole, LMFT

Daishea Poole, LMFT



Ages: 14-60

Virtual Therapy Services: Individual, Couples, Adolescents

Specialties: CBT, SFBT

State Licenses: CA


My name is Daishea Poole, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #142484). I earned my Master of Science in Counseling Psychology at California Baptist University and my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at San Francisco State University. I specialize in mood disorders such as anxiety and depression due to stress-related to trauma, relationship difficulties, existential crises, life transition issues, and/or identity issues. I have experience working with adolescents and providing behavioral therapy to address both behavioral and educational concerns. Additionally, I have worked with individuals and couples that are struggling with the transitions in their life or simply realizing that they want to do more than just survive. My therapeutic approach is existential-humanistic – I strive to provide my clients the opportunity to figure out their own truths and discover the meanings behind these truths. I offer an unbiased and empathetic listening ear as we process through the mental roadblocks keeping you from achieving self-fulfillment. During the process, I ask questions to challenge yourself and get you to consider different perspectives to search deep within yourself to find the answers you are looking for. Therapy is such an intimate journey in that you are afforded the safe space to confront parts of yourself and/or events from your past, and I respect the vulnerability embedded in this process and work to make sure my clients feel safe, seen, and heard. At the end of this road, you will emerge from this experience with coping strategies to manage your thoughts and feelings, and responses to stressors as well as a new-found understanding of yourself – acknowledging both the things you enjoy and don’t always appreciate about your personhood. Learning to incorporate mindfulness techniques will help you to continue the journey after my role is over. I want to help you learn to see yourself in away the frees you from feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, doubt and inferiority. I want to help you discover yourself and the infinite possibilities that are awaiting you.

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