Dr. Dalia Adeina, Ph.D.

Dr. Dalia Adeina, Ph.D.



Ages: 18+

Virtual Therapy Services: Individual

Specialties: Spiritual/Existential, LGBTQI+

State Licenses: CA

Mobile Number: (855) 435-3801


Licensed in California


“Reading Freud and Jung at 16 years of age started my journey in psychology. I wanted to understand what drives people’s behavior and to answer the question “am I crazy?”. People have always come to me for advice, from other students on the bus in high school to co-workers and customers in my previous career as a quality management process analyst. I have a PhD in clinical psychology. My orientation, the way I view a person, is humanist-transpersonal. This means I believe everyone is born inherently good and has value. It does not excuse dysfunctional/bad behavior. The transpersonal part allows someone to talk about spiritual or mystical experiences. There is a difference between psychic and psychotic, between creative and crazy. Building relationships, helping the individual to move past arrested development, using every tool in my kit to use what works for the individual (not what works best for me), is part of how I approach my role as a psychotherapist. One of my goals in therapy is to help the individual get back to knowing their inherent goodness and value. In that place, one can find strength and hope.”

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