Jennifer Ruggeri, LCSW

Jennifer Ruggeri, LCSW

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Utah, Virginia, Washington DC, Wyoming


Ages: 18-100

Virtual Therapy Services: Individual

Specialties: CBT, DBT, ADHD/ADD

Special Hours: Available Nights and Weekends

State Licenses: AZ, CO, UT, NV, ID, WY, MT, IL, VA, DC, MA, OH


My specialty is treating clients suffering from depression and anxiety, I am passionate about helping those who suffer from varying mental health issues. I am fully aware of the impact that living with mental health issues can have on an individual’s life. I believe in helping patients regain control of their lives in order to live their best life. Depression comes in many shapes and sizes from severe to high functioning, all forms of depression can be treatable and I believe that by working together we can come up with a treatment plan to help you feel more like yourself again. Often depression and anxiety can go hand in hand, working with clients who have experienced feelings of both depression and anxiety we can determine appropriate coping skills to help manage both. I have also worked with clients who have experienced varying trauma, from childhood trauma including sexual abuse and domestic violence as well PTSD. We are seeing more and more individuals who experience varying levels of trauma from bullying at school, or in the workplace, as well as spiritual trauma from religious experiences. I also specialize in treating those who have experienced a traumatic event in their lives using a trauma-focused approach to help begin the process of healing.

Therapy Specialties

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