Joyce Guinto, LCSW

Joyce Guinto, LCSW



Ages: 18+

Virtual Therapy Services: Individual, Family

Specialties: Tagalog, EMDR, Young Adults

State Licenses: CA


Licensed in California

I believe healing is most transformative when we begin to understand the intersections that make us whole: the parts of ourselves that we value and celebrate as well as the parts that we criticize, deny or dislike. I want to know how you feel about your story and how it has impacted your sense of wholeness. My goal is to help you build a better understanding of the pain, distress or fear that holds you back from achieving the life you want so you can begin to make room for more joy and a meaningful existence.

I embrace a collaborative, curious and empathetic approach so that you are empowered to show up as your authentic self. Together we will explore your past, present and future to help you gain deeper insight and self-compassion to become the best version of you.

Therapy Specialties

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