Keith Wilson, LCSW

Keith Wilson, LCSW

California, New Mexico, Tennessee


Ages: 18+

Virtual Therapy Services: Individual

Specialties: Performance Anxiety, Positive Psychology, CBT, Mindfulness

State Licenses: CA, TN, NM


Licensed in California, New Mexico, Tennessee


“The most important part of the therapeutic process is the therapeutic relationship that is formed between therapist and client. Research concerning the success of therapy shows that the number one factor for success is the therapeutic relationship. As a therapist, this is my focus: to listen and understand a client’s challenges and goals. Once this relationship is firmly established, the therapist and client create strategies to accomplish the client’s therapeutic goals. This would include learning Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Mindfulness skills.”

Dr. Wilson’s background includes:

Graduate degrees from: Vanderbilt University, University of Tennessee, and Boston University.
Five years at the Emergency Department of Stanford University Healthcare. Overnight social worker specializing in medical and trauma issues.
Eight years as a Master Resilience Trainer-Performance Expert for the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Program, CSF2. This 2-week course was taught to Army personnel and their families at many different US Army installations in the United States.
Co-founder of the Sexual Assault Center in Nashville, TN. (
Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California, Texas, and Tennessee.
Over 25 years as an individual therapist. Now doing teletherapy exclusively.
“I look forward to meeting you and helping you complete your therapy goals.”

Therapy Specialties

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