Ki’era Rhymes, LMFT

Ki’era Rhymes, LMFT



Ages: 11-100

Virtual Therapy Services: Individual, Family, Couples, Adolescents

Specialties: Addiction, CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing

State Licenses: CA


Licensed in California
Ki’ era received her MA in counseling psychology, specializing in marriage and family therapy (MFT) and professional clinical counseling (PCC). Ki’ era’s interest in therapy began during adolescence as she witnessed the struggle individuals with mental health and addiction faced in their daily lives noticing the lack of resources available for them and their families. Later, as she experienced hardships in her own life, her desire and passion to help individuals in similar/alike circumstances increased. Ki’ era has trained in various settings including private practice, intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization programs, inpatient crisis centers and residential treatment facilities. She is skilled in individual, family, group, and couple’s therapy; with experience treating trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, depression, suicidal ideation, family conflict, co-dependency, interpersonal conflict, intergenerational conflicts/trauma, substance abuse, addiction, and more. Her primary experience is in the field of addiction. Ki’ era understands the complexity of addiction and the toll it can bring upon individuals and their loved ones. Ki’ era has also worked with the homeless population, including those with severe mental illnesses, focusing on crisis intervention, relapse prevention, and discharge placement. Though Ki’ era has worked with various ages including adolescents, young adults, mid-age, and the elder population, she is passionate about working with individuals of all varieties, and their loved ones, offering a safe nurturing place to be vulnerable discussing uncomfortable topics, getting to the route of conflicts to begin resolution. On her free time, Ki’ era enjoys writing poetry, crocheting, reading, organizing, and spending time with loved ones.

Therapy Specialties

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