Melisa Uribe, LMFT

Melisa Uribe, LMFT



Ages: 18-100

Virtual Therapy Services: Individual, Adolescents

Specialties: CBT, DBT, Trauma Focused, Gestalt, Spanish

State Licenses: CA


Licensed in California
My main focus during therapy is to build a trusting relationship with you as we work together to achieve the goals that you set for yourself. I consider myself a collaborative teacher throughout your journey, someone who listens, encourages you to explore tough emotions and provides some insight in order to help spark change from within. It’s difficult to sit with pain, but the load begins to lessen knowing that there is someone there by your side. The most empowering aspect of therapy is witnessing your own innate ability to change, grow, and transform.

I have an eclectic approach to therapy, in which I incorporate CBT and DBT interventions. I also emphasize the connection between mind and body and explore how one impacts the other. I believe that integrating both the needs of the mind and body is a crucial step towards healing- which can lead to profound and long-term benefits.

Life is hard and sometimes it throws us curveballs. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, experiencing relationship issues, wrestling with issues relating to identity/sexual orientation, feeling depressed, or have been exposed to a traumatic event and are having a difficult time coping with it. I am here for you to work through these experiences and encourage new ways of managing in order to continue improving your well-being.

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