Rachel Grayczyk , ACSW

Rachel Grayczyk , ACSW



Ages: 18-80

Virtual Therapy Services: Individual

Specialties: EMDR, Eating Disorders, ADHD

Special Hours: Available Nights and Weekends

State Licenses: CA


I’m here to help if:

you’re still feeling stuck after previous self-work
you find yourself still engaging the inner critic
you have difficulty finding ease in your body
you’ve developed coping skills, but you struggle to accept your emotions.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of mindfulness and self-compassion. These principles, rooted in trauma-informed care, create a safe space for understanding the profound impact of life experiences on thoughts, emotions, and the mind-body connection.

Alongside this foundation of mindful self-compassion, I incorporate somatic practices, including EMDR, to invite old patterns to release and to create a felt sense of safety. Last, I integrate evidence-based practices to help you build skills that will allow you to accept what is beyond your control, commit to your values, and take meaningful actions.

This combination of mindfulness, body-based practices, and building new skills creates a holistic approach to mental well-being. Together, we’ll explore your unique journey to cultivate a compassionate understanding of yourself.

A little about me: I’ve spent more than a decade studying trauma and its deep impacts. In 2013, I began teaching trauma-informed yoga and meditation, and two years later, following extensive training, I began leading grief groups for those impacted by a traumatic death. Witnessing the remarkable phenomenon of post-traumatic growth in myself and others fueled my passion for this work. I look forward to working together to understand the source of the challenges you’re facing and to unearth the unique wisdom you’ve gathered throughout your life.

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