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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer any question you have, whether you’re a client or a provider.

How much are sessions?2023-03-06T10:48:38-08:00

Our cash rate for individual therapy is $150/session. Because we’re in network with so many insurance providers, your sessions could be free! Depending on your plan, typical copays are between $0 and $30 per session, but we will check your coverage and confirm your out of pocket cost before your first session.

How long are sessions?2023-03-06T10:50:27-08:00

Most sessions are one hour which includes 50-53 minutes of therapy time and 7-10 minutes of note-taking time for Providers.

When can I start?2023-03-06T10:50:47-08:00

We can usually schedule your first visit in the same week.

What Services do you offer?2023-03-06T10:51:08-08:00

We offer individual, couples and child therapy in a variety of modalities and specialties, as well as behavioral and somatic interventions, EMDR and medication management.

How do you match me with a therapist?2023-03-06T10:51:58-08:00

We take into account your preferences (gender, ethnicity, specialty area) your availability, your insurance and why your seeking services. We then match you to one of our qualified therapists.

Do you have therapists who speak other languages?2023-03-06T10:52:18-08:00

Yes. We have providers who speak a variety of language and also offer HIPAA secure translation services at no cost to our clients.

Why do you need a credit card?2023-03-06T10:52:42-08:00

We require a payment method to be kept on file for any out of pocket costs. Even if you have a $0 copay, we require a credit card to secure the appointment and ask that you provide 24 hour notice in the event you need to cancel the appointment.

How do I meet with my provider?2023-03-06T10:53:10-08:00

You can access your appointment from your secure client portal account or via the link in the text or email that goes out 24 hours prior to your appointment. Appointments can be accessed from your mobile, tablet or desktop and do not require any special downloads.

Do you offer in person appointments?2023-03-06T10:53:30-08:00

We don’t currently offer in person appointments.

How do I cancel my appointment?2023-03-06T10:54:10-08:00

You can cancel your appointment with more than 24 hour notice directly from the client portal, by messaging or emailing your provider directly, by emailing appointments@themindfullemon.com or calling 855-435-3801. It’s preferred you coordinate all scheduling matters directly with your provider so they can assist you in rescheduling your appointment as soon as possible.

How often are appointments?2023-03-06T10:54:34-08:00

Research has shown better therapeutic outcomes are linked to consistent weekly sessions. While the frequency of appointments is determined with your provider and customized to your individual needs, in most cases weekly, recurring sessions are most beneficial.

Can I use my EAP benefits?2023-03-06T10:55:16-08:00

We accept many EAP plans and there’s a good chance we take yours!

Do you accept children?2023-03-06T11:10:43-08:00

Yes, The Mindful Lemon has providers that work with all age ranges.

Do you accept couples and families?2023-03-06T11:11:10-08:00

Yes, many of our providers specialize in couples and family therapy.

Does The Mindful Lemon accept my insurance?2023-03-06T11:42:53-08:00

The Mindful Lemon accepts most most major insurances and many EAP plans. In addition to our commercial plans, we are contracted with Medi-Cal and Medicar, and have out of network coverage as well. See below for an list of most of the insurances we accept. Don’t see yours? Reach out! There’s a good chance we take it as our list is growing daily!

For a comprehensive list, click here for a list of our insurance providers.

What will my out-of-pocket session cost be if I am paying for insurance?2023-03-06T11:43:21-08:00

Out of pocket costs vary by plan and insurer, but will be verified prior to your first appointment. Your out of pocket cost could be as little as $0/session.
While we make every effort to provide an accurate quote of benefits, we strongly suggest you also contact your insurance provider directly to confirm your expected out-of-pocket costs.

What if you do not take my insurance?2023-03-06T11:44:08-08:00

If we are out-of-network with your insurance plan and you have a PPO or other plan with an out of network benefit, your insurance will likely cover a portion of your sessions; in this case we would offer you a reduced cash rate and submit claims to your insurance on your behalf. Your insurance would then reimburse you directly based on your plan. If you do not have an out of network benefit we would offer you a reduced cash rate.

What is a copay?2023-03-06T11:44:49-08:00

A copay or copayment is a fixed amount collected by The Mindful Lemon at each session, depending on your health insurance plan. Some plans have a deductible that must be met prior to a copayment.

What is a deductible?2023-03-06T11:45:15-08:00

A deductible is a specified annual amount you must pay out of pocket, before your insurance company will pay a claim. This means that you will pay for the full negotiated rate until you meet your deductible; then you will only have a coinsurance or co payment. Some insurance plans do not apply the deductible to therapy, so you will only be responsible for a copay. The deductible resets every plan year. Not all plans have deductibles.

What is coinsurance?2023-03-06T11:45:59-08:00

A coinsurance is the portion (%) of the negotiated rate that you will pay Path for each session, after the deductible has been met, if applicable.

What is an out of pocket maximum (OOP)?2023-03-06T11:48:35-08:00

An OOP is the maximum out of pocket amount that you may pay each year for healthcare. The amount includes cost sharing, deductibles and any out of network expenses that a patient may pay towards care. Once the limit is reached, the plan pays for 100% of services.

Do I have limits on the amount of times I can be seen under my insurance?2023-03-06T11:49:15-08:00

Most plans do not have limits on the amount of sessions you can have if sessions are medically necessary. If you do have session limits, for instance if you are utilizing an EAP benefit, The Mindful Lemon will help keep track of this and discuss options for continued services if necessary.

What if my insurance changes?2023-03-06T11:49:36-08:00

If you have changed your insurance, please notify us as son as possible so that we can review your current insurance carrier and the impact that it may have on your coverage for services. Doing so may help avoid additional financial obligations.

When do I pay the patient responsibility portion?2023-03-06T12:15:21-08:00

We will charge your payment method on file after each visit; however, you may receive a bill or charge later for the patient’s responsibility portion after insurance adjudication. Insurance can be confusing. The Mindful Lemon strives to provide an accurate estimate upfront, but coverage may change, and what the insurance actually covers is not determined until they review or adjudicate a claim for payment. This can lead to invoices that do not match your initial benefits quote. Our Patient Accounts Specialist are happy to discuss your account at any time.

Can I use my HSA/FSA to cover the patient responsibility portion?2023-03-06T12:15:41-08:00

Yes! You may enter that card as the payment method on file, or you may submit a receipt for reimbursement.

What is The Mindful Lemon?2023-03-06T12:17:21-08:00

The Mindful Lemon is a full-service, virtual mental health and substance abuse practice specializing in mindfulness, the mind-body connection, health and wellness. Our mission is to eliminate client waitlists and provide access to quality clinicians utilizing their insurance benefit. We aim to improve clinical outcomes by eliminating the administrative burden of private practice and supplying everything the provider needs to build and maintain a thriving practice.

What is the pay structure structure?2023-03-06T12:17:42-08:00

We offer a 1099 contract position with a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week, a apart time w2 position with a minimum commitment of 25 hours per week and a full-time w2 position with a minimum of 38 hours per week.

Do I have to be licensed?2023-03-06T12:18:35-08:00

No! While the majority of our clinicians are fully licensed, we welcome applicants who are associates and have a strong clinician background.

I’m an associate, do you offer supervision?2023-03-06T12:18:59-08:00

Yes! We provide supervision at no cost to our associates.

What states are you currently contracted in?2023-03-06T12:19:19-08:00

We are currently contracted in California, New York, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, New Hampshire, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee and New Mexico. We are growing daily!

How long does it take to fill my caseload?2023-03-06T12:20:09-08:00

With our current referral demand, we often have caseloads filled prior to start date – however a more conservative estimate would be 3-4 weeks from your start date.

How will I be paid?2023-03-06T12:20:35-08:00

Direct deposit twice a month based on a flat rate for kept sessions.

How do you handle no shows and late cancellations?2023-03-06T12:21:07-08:00

You’re paid in full for the session is a client no show’s or cancels with less than 24 hours.

How do you get referrals?2023-03-06T12:21:26-08:00

We have strong partnerships with major insurance companies and allocate significant resources to marketing within local communities.

How long are sessions?2023-03-06T12:21:46-08:00

Our clients receive weekly 50 minute sessions, with 10 minutes to wrap up note taking, go to the bathroom or re-heat that cup of tea!

How long is the credentialing process?2023-03-06T12:22:22-08:00

Because of our significant relationships with many of our insurance partners, credentialing can be as little as 3 weeks.

Once all new hire docuements are recieved, your start date will be about four weeks out. During that time we will work on getting you fully credentialed and onboarded.

How flexible is The Mindful Lemon?2023-03-06T12:22:42-08:00

Very flexible! You get to determine what days and hours work best for you for your set, weekly availability. What if something comes up? No problem, we can make adustments as needed.

What if I need clinical support?2023-03-06T12:23:04-08:00

Engaging in our weekly consult group offers ongoing clinical support and our dedicated clinical team is available for more urgent concerns.

How do you match clients to therapists?2023-03-06T12:23:25-08:00

We assess where you feel most beneficial clinically and match your clients accordingly – we want to build the caseload that suits your needs and expertise.

What documentation is required?2023-03-06T12:23:46-08:00

Brief assessment for every new client, brief treatment, and weekly progress notes that can be pulled forward from the previous week.

What about malpractice insurance?2023-03-06T12:24:33-08:00

If you’re a w2 employee, you’re added to our policy at no cost to you. As a 1099 contractor, you supply your own insurance.

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