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…while decreasing the administrative burden and mitigating provider burnout.

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The Mindful Lemon aims to facilitate both therapists and client’s reaching their full potential through mindfulness, whole-person care and a strength based approach. We believe healthy clinicians lead to healthier clients!

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We’re looking for like-minded clinicians to join our network of Mindful providers! Join our team and grow your own practice while we take the administrative burden off your plate and let you focus on what matters most – helping others!

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The Mindful Lemon aims to provide a mutual benefit to the provider

by eliminating the administrative burden of private practice and supplying everything the provider needs to build and maintain a thriving private practice!

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The Mindful Lemon is unlike partnering with other online therapy platforms.

One of the many tenants that set us apart from our competitors is our priority to deliver the highest standard of clinical care to our clients. Therefore, The Mindful Lemon doesn’t contract with a provider simply because they have a valid license to practice – Our extensive screening process includes vignettes, phone interviews, zoom interviews, verifying service delivery locations, and full vetting and credentialing.

Additionally, The Mindful Lemon does not believe in providers having unlimited availability for their clients nor does The Mindful Lemon endorse professional therapy via text message. Our compensation package is also much more representative of your true value as a skilled clinician.

What continues to differentiate The Mindful Lemon is our emphasis on Mindfulness, not just for the client but for the provider as well! We advocate for self-care, mindfulness, health and wellness for our providers as much as we do for our clients. While we may be providing a virtual network, it is important to us to maintain a sense of culture, connectedness and support amongst our providers.

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It’s A Win-Win

Contracting with The Mindful Lemon benefits you as a therapist, and benefits clients by allowing all of your focus to be on the people you are helping. All you have to worry about is seeing the client and documenting your session; we do the rest!

Less burnout and more focus means better results for you and your clients

We feel strongly that Clinicians who can focus solely on client care remain more available to their clients and tend to experience less burnout than those who have to worry about billing, scheduling, credentialing, audits, etc. Some of the benefits you will receive by partnering with The Mindful Lemon include:

  • Full Credentialing and re-credentialing with multiple major insurance companies
  • Full practice management software (HIPAA compliant tele-health platform, online scheduling, Full EHR, patient communication – messaging, document sharing, etc).
  • Full service billing and revenue cycle management (claims completion, submission, tracking, denial management, etc)

  • Referral management
  • Professional and Business Development
  • Free provider consultation groups
  • Access to exclusive trainings, health and wellness resources, CEU opportunities
  • Maintain independence over your practice
  • Flexibility – Set your own availability and capacity
  • Full-time and part-time availability
  • Fee For Service – control over your income & volume incentives
  • 100% Remote!


Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.

The Mindful Lemon aims to share our experience and expertise with you! Working together we can change the way virtual mental health care is delivered. Providers are 100% contract based and are responsible for maintaining their own professional license, liability insurance, must adhere to all industry professional, legal and ethical standards and must have a secure, HIPAA compliant space to provide telehealth sessions. Apply today or email for more information!