Katrina Divine, LPCC

Individual Therapy, Family Therapy

Katrina Divine, LPCC

  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy

Ages Served: 4+



  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Pre/Post-Natal

About Katrina

“If life is like a stormy ocean, and the client is the swimmer, then therapy is a lot like swim lessons. I believe that success in therapy comes out of the therapeutic relationship. While I might not have all the answers to the issues you are facing, I do promise to be an ally for you as we navigate the murky waters together. My ideal client is ready to be heard and validated. I offer a spectrum of sessions – if you would like someone to talk to and just be “heard” and have some quiet reflective time, I offer that. Or, if you would like to hit the ground running and get some mental health homework done, I offer that as well. My background is in treating students in special education, with my specialty being Anxiety and ASD. I have also worked with parents struggling with parenting and going through divorce. My passion is Animal Assisted Therapy. My training includes CBT (from the Beck Institute) and Social Emotional Learning. I am also interested in working with moms in all stages of motherhood (prenatal and postpartum). No matter your age or background, if lately you have found yourself more depressed or anxious, connect with me and we can work through it together. Mental Health matters- YOU matter!”


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