What We Do

More than just therapy – personal growth
while reducing stigma

See The Difference

  • Most major insurance plans accepted!

  • Private Pay/Out of Network/Out of Pocket Options

  • Fully vetted, licensed and registered clinicians
  • Emphasis on Mindfulness, wellness, health, nutrition, whole person care, positive psychology, mind-body connection

  • Supporting clinicians to build a thriving practice while decreasing the administrative burden and mitigating provider burnout = better therapists!

  • More than just therapy, personal growth, self-improvement

  • Reducing stigma, increasing access to care

  • technical and administrative support for client and provider
  • Access everything you need from our client/provider portal
Choose The Mindful Lemon and you are guaranteed an authentic, therapeutic experience and outcomes equal to or better than traditional in-office therapy!

Covering All Bases

The Mindful Lemon is a full service, virtual mental health and substance abuse provider specializing in maximizing the benefits of the therapeutic relationship while increasing access to care, decreasing the administrative burden to clinicians, and focusing on mindfulness, the mind-body connection, health and wellness.

Our aim is to alleviate stigma and reduce administrative burden to facilitate both therapists and client’s reaching their full potential through mindfulness, whole-person care and a strength based approach.

Focusing on What’s Important

Managed Care is the buzz word these days, and in the therapy and wellness space it can really take the wind out of a therapists sail – with so many therapists being forced to take on huge administrative burdens (lengthy assessments, finding something wrong with their clients in order to get paid by insurance companies, denied claims due to bureaucratic red tape, incessant authorizations, etc) it’s a wonder they even have time for actual sessions! These are folks that got into this profession to be helpful to people and they are often so burnt out from the business side of their practice that they lose the passion for what they truly love – helping people live more meaningful and healthy lives! That’s exactly why we’ve taken all of that administrative burden off of our clinicians so they can focus on what’s really important – you!

The Therapeutic Relationship

There are 100,000’s of therapist nation-wide just waiting to provide that missing ingredient – we match you with the perfect therapist to help you unlock your true potential! Therapists are taught from the first day of grad school that the best predictor of successful outcomes in therapy is the quality of the therapeutic relationship – in other words, how good the “match” is, whether you jive, how comfortable you feel and how much trust you have in the individual. Our priority is to provide you with an individually matched therapist based on criteria you select and the carefully screened clinicians within our network.


“The Mindful Lemon has allowed me to continue working for my full-time, non-profit while simultaneously building a budding side practice! I couldn’t have done it without them! They take care of everything.”

—Amy M., LCSW

“I was really pleased with the care I was provided through The Mindful Lemon. They made navigating the insurance process easy and painless. I was matched to a therapist right away and have been making progress ever since!”

—Jennifer C.

“It was really easy for me to find a therapist online. I was hesitant at first, but it’s changing my life. I don’t think I would have ever gone to therapy in person.”

—Miguel V.