Blake Crawford, LMFT

Blake Crawford, LMFT


Ages: 18-99

Virtual Therapy Services: Individual, Family

Specialties: CBT, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma

State Licenses: CA


Licensed in California
I have a decade of experience working with individuals in overcoming many of life’s difficulties, such as depression, parenting issues, family conflict, anxiety, trauma, and family relational struggles. My passion is to help you to increase your understanding of what has brought you to therapy and to build your confidence, as well as your coping skills, in order to reach your therapy goals so that you can move forward successfully in life.

Purpose of Therapy. Our purpose in therapy will be to help you resolve problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, and relationship struggles and to process difficult emotions that are restraining you from achieving your desired outcomes in life.

My Role as Your Therapist. My role as your therapist is to be in the passenger seat while you are in the driver seat; however, From time to time, I may need to step on the brakes to ensure we are going at a safe pace and to ensure you are getting the most out of therapy. My Therapy Approach I am a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) therapist. This means I help you to become aware of inaccurate or negative thinking and equipping you with the ability to challenge difficult situations/life stressors in effective ways. My aim is NOT to keep you in therapy forever; rather to empower you to be self-sufficient with feeling confident and competent in your abilities to navigate frustrating, and even triggering, stressors that pop up during life.

Frequency of Therapy. Typically, we will meet once weekly, with the first session being an assessment, pinpointing/understanding the areas that are causing you the most difficulty. From there, we will develop the treatment goal(s) to ensure we are addressing your current treatment needs. Then, in each session after that, we will focus on that/those goal(s) until the goal(s) have been resolved

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